OnePlus X Tear Down, Screen Repair, Charging Port Fix, Battery Replacement

Today’s post will cover a teardown of the OnePlus X, a budget Android smartphone from the OnePlus company. If you need to replace the charging port, screen, or loudspeaker of your OnePlus X this article should help. The OnePlus X is fairly difficult to open up and take apart, but after reading this post head over to YouTube:

and follow along to JerryRigEverything!

Smart phone tool kit can be found at this link.

A replacement screen can be found at this link.   


Gather these tools for the job:  a heat gun or hair dryer, metal pry tool, razorblade, tweezers,  and a business card or playing card. Before you begin, as with most other repairs, make sure you have turned your phone off completely. Additionally, keep any screws, brackets and other pieces organized so you don’t mix them up when it comes time to reassemble your OnePlus X.


Your OnePlus X comes with a case and a screen protector already attached to the screen, so start this process by peeling away the screen protector. Second, remove the dual SIM card tray and pull out your heat gun, or hair dryer, to heat the back glass of the OnePlus X. Heating up the back will loosen the adhesive that holds the back cover onto the OnePlus X and allow you to cut it and remove the back. Heat the back glass until you can barely touch it and begin prying the glass away from the frame using the metal pry tool or razorblade and tweezers. Once it is opened up slide and card in and up along the side until you have cut all the way around the sides with the card. Then, use the plastic pry tool to finish raising the glass from the OnePlus X frame.


Next, unscrew 7 screws from the top panel of the frame, remove the metal cover, unplug the battery from the motherboard, and pull the battery out using the pull tab located on the battery. Then, unscrew 8 screws from the bottom panel of the frame, take off the cover which houses the loudspeaker, unplug the screen extension cable, the cable for the buttons, and the motherboard extension cable using the plastic pry tool, and peel the motherboard extension cable up and away from the phone. After that unscrew a screw at the top of the motherboard, remove a wire cable at the bottom left of the motherboard, and pry up the 13 megapixel camera from the motherboard. To remove the entire motherboard, you have to unpin it from the bottom and then you can pry it up with the metal pry tool. Now, peel away the ribbon cable for the charging port, unscrew another screw at the bottom of the phone, lift away the vibrator motor, take out the wire cable that was unsnapped before and you can pull out the entire charging port. Attached to this easily replaceable charging port is the microphone for the OnePlus X.


Moving on, the screen is attached to the frame of the phone very securely. To remove the screen, you would perform the same process that you did to remove the back of the OnePlus X. Heat up the front glass and AMOLED portion of the screen and cut the adhesive with a razor and playing card. Keep in mind the the glue for the screen and AMOLED is much stronger than the back of the OnePlus X. To attach your new screen, slip it through the frame and plug it into the main board. It is a very messy and risky repair that I honestly do not recommend. Only perform a screen replacement for the OnePlus X if you have no other option and nothing to lose; your old OnePlus X screen will not survive the process.


Putting the phone back together when you put in the charging port, plug in the wire cable, plug the charging port back into the motherboard before the motherboard returns to the frame, then lay down and carefully press the motherboard back into the frame. Now, return the camera, screw the top right screw back in, plug the wire cable into the motherboard, plug in the screen extension cable on both ends,  plug power and volume buttons back in, screw into the charging port and return the loudspeaker and the metal cover to the bottom of the phone. Screw the bottom metal cover in with the 8 screws from before, return the battery to the OnePlus X, plug the battery into the motherboard and turn the phone on to test the connections. If the phone does not turn on or the screen is discolored or has lines running through it, turn it back off and unplug and reconnect all of the screen connections. If your screen looks good, turn the phone back off and return the top metal plate and its 7 screws to their spaces. Next, use double sided tape adhesive to stick the back of the phone to the phone body, press the screen onto that, return the dual SIM card trays, and you are finished.

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