Zack Nelson, from the YouTube channel JerryRigEverything, has turned a love of repairing, into the most viewed cell phone repair channel on the internet. His simple explanations and brief tutorials have helped millions of people with repairs of their own. Outside of YouTube, his ‘to-the-point’ style of teaching has created instructional and informational videos for manufacturers and factories around the world. His entrepreneurial spirit has turned a hobby, into a lifestyle.
Just the way it should be.


With more than 1,000,000 subscribers, Zack’s channel, JerryRigEverything, features him demonstrating how to fix electronics. He reviews technology — such as iPhones and gaming systems — from the inside and performs durability tests on cellphones “just so you can get like an idea of how long or how well the cellphone will last your two years of owning it.”

Zack Nelson started the channel about 5 years ago. Viewers are really appreciative of his repair videos because it’s easier to accomplish a project after seeing somebody else do it.

“I make it easy for people to fix their own phones, and then I also would put like links in the description where people can buy the parts for it so it’s like a one-stop shop where you can save money by doing it yourself and have all the parts right there for you!”