Moto X Pure (2015) Screen Battery Repair

Today we are going to take apart the Moto X Pure. The Moto X Pure is the American release of the Moto X  Style. The only difference between the two is that the Moto X Pure comes unlocked and works with U.S. carriers. This article will assist you if your screen, headphone jack, camera back panel, or battery need to be replaced. After reading this post head over to YouTube to watch the video:

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Smart Phone tool kit can be found at this link.

WHITE Moto X Pure Screen can be found at this link.

BLACK Moto X Pure Screen can be found at this link.

Gather these tools for the job: SIM card tool, T4 screwdriver, and a plastic pry tool. Before you begin, as with most other repairs, make sure you have turned your phone off completely. Additionally, keep any screws, brackets and other pieces organized so you don’t mix them up when it comes time to reassemble your Moto X Pure.

Start taking apart your Moto X Pure by removing the dual SIM and SD card tray using your small SIM card tool. Keeping that tool in your hand, push the tool into the small hole on the back of the phone right next to the space where the SIM and SD card tray was to remove the back of the phone. Pull the SIM card tool along the edge of the rubber backing until you pull away enough space to grab the backing and pull it carefully off of the phone; beware the glue is very strong. Once the back is off, peel away as much of the adhesive/glue as possible to make reapplying the back of the phone as easy as possible. Next, use your T4 screwdriver to remove 20 screws along the back of the phone. Then, use the plastic pry tool to unsnap the orange ribbon cable, the plastic camera shield, unplug the battery ribbon cable, and lift off the back panel.

The battery sits on the back panel, once you disconnect the NFC connector you can lift that out and replace it if you need to.The LED flash and button cables plug into the motherboard using that ribbon cable from earlier.  The headphone jack is at the top of the phone above the camera and pops out of the panel fairly easily. The 21 megapixel rear camera has a little ribbon cable that unlatches from the motherboard underneath orange tape. Make sure you keep the tape to place back into the phone for reassembly.  A small circuit board sits on top of the SIM and SD card tray; it unlatches from the motherboard like the rear and front cameras.  The vibrator motor has dual vibrations to give you fuller vibration. You can remove the screen ribbon cable with tweezers after peeling away the tape that covers it and taking out a screw at the bottom of the phone which holds the motherboard into place.

Once you remove the motherboard you have the screen unit which you would replace if your screen had gone permanently black or if it is damaged. Try to buy a screen that comes already attached to the plastic frame, but if you cannot get one you will have to use a heat gun to soften the adhesive that sticks your screen to your frame so that you can attach the new screen to your old frame. Going back to the motherboard we find that the charging port is not replaceable.

Start putting the phone back together by screwing the motherboard onto the frame and screen unit. Replace the circuit board that goes on top of the SIM and SD card tray, plug that board in, slide the screen ribbon cable back onto the motherboard, plug that cable in, plug the rear facing camera in, and return the orange tape to the latches for the camera and screen ribbon cable to keep the latch from sliding off or getting debris stuck in the connection area. Return the front camera and snap it in, place a bit of double sided tape into the frame where the battery will go if you would like and then slide the battery back into place. Plug the NFC connection back into the battery and then lay the back panel on the of the phone as it was before and clamp it back into place by squeezing it on around all of the edges.  Then, plug the battery’s ribbon cable back in and return the rubber protective cover to that space.

Reconnect the power and volume buttons and turn the phone on the test the connections. If it does not turn on or the screen looks abnormal turn it back off and unplug the connections and plug them back in snugly. If the Moto X Pure turns on normally, turn it back off and screw the 20 screws back onto the frame. Your new back panel should come with adhesive, but if it does not attach double sided tape along the edges of the back before you stick it back onto the Moto X Pure. Just be sure you are not sticking tape onto the area that will rest on top of the ribbon cables.  Finally stick the back onto the phone and you are done!

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