LG V10 Screen Repair, Dual Camera fix, 3 Microphone Locations

The LG V10 is a powerhouse of a device with three microphones and three cameras. This post will go over a complete teardown of the LG V10 for the purpose of repairing the phone and explaining the inner components. After reading, check out the video on YouTube:

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Smart Phone Repair Tool Kit can be found at this link.

The full screen with frame can be found at this link.

Replacement LG V10 Battery can be found at this link.

LG V10 Front-facing Camera can be found at this link.

LG V10 Rear Camera can be found at this link.

Gather these tools for the job: a small phillips head screwdriver, a plastic non-marring pry tool, and a metal pry tool. Before you begin, as with most other repairs, make sure you have turned your phone off completely. Additionally, keep your screws, brackets and other pieces organized so you don’t mix them up when it comes time to reassemble your LG V10.


Start by taking off the back cover and popping out the battery. Second, there are 14 screws, shown with arrows in the video, to take out along the black plastic housing of the LG V10. Next, pry the plastic housing away from the frame of the phone using the plastic pry tool, being careful not to stick the pry tool under or into the motherboard. Then, you can lift off the plastic panel; this holds the camera lens which is replaced by simply pushing it from the front out of the panel and snapping a new one in. The panel also holds the fingerprint scanner and the buttons from the back of the phone.

Going back to the phone body, we head to the front-facing camera which is interesting because the 5 Megapixel camera has two lenses; you can snap this up with the pry tool. Using one versus two of the cameras gives you a normal close shot, while using two of them gives you an image of the same size, with the same number of pixels, but it widens the shot to give you more perspective. The video has an example of this difference. Snap the camera back into place and the headphone jack is also replaceable. Unsnap the ribbon cable connecting the screen to the motherboard, lift the motherboard out of the way, giving you a view of the back of the phone including the back of the front camera. The 16 megapixel, with optical image stabilization, rear camera is attached to the motherboard the same as the front-facing camera. The charging port, next to one of the three microphones, is not replaceable unless you know how to solder.

Two other microphones rest at the top of the phone and are visible from the outside; together the three microphones allow the LG V10 to do three-dimensional sound recording. The SD card and SIM card tray are also soldered onto the mainboard, so they are not replaceable. Remove the side bars by unscrewing three screws on each side of the phone, take the metal pry tool to remove the adhesive to the front bottom piece,  remove the bottom piece, pop the plastic side bars away from each side of the phone, take the metal pry tool to remove the adhesive to the front top piece, and remove the top piece. The screen of the LG V10 is an IPS LCD display. Buying a screen with the glas on the front. LCD in the middle and the frame on the back is the best solution if you would like to replace it yourself. If your screen comes without the frame component you will have to use heat to separate the frame of your old screen to remove it and adhere it to the replacement component.

To begin putting your LG V10 back together re-attach the side bars, screw them in, and replace the two front plastic pieces. Next, set the motherboard back in being careful to not allow any ribbon cables to get pinched by the frame. Then, set on the black plastic cover and screw that in. Now, return the back cover to the phone and turn the phone on and you are done.


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