LG V10 Durability Test – Scratch, Burn, and Bend

Welcome again to the JerryRigEverything durability circus! In this ring, we have the highly praised LG V10! Step right up to see how this large screen  holds up to scratches dealt by special picks made to assess the hardness of the phone’s screen according to Moh’s scale of hardness. Lean in closer to watch this popular phone burn. Hold your breath as we bend this critically-acclaimed phone to it’s farthest limits. Do you want more than letters racing through your mind? Watch the video:

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Before we begin, as always, please remember that there is more than durability to take into account when making a smartphone purchase. Also,even if they pass these tests,  I keep my personal phones in cases and cover screens with screen protectors for safe keeping.

Starting out the festivities is a scratch test. Moh’s Scale of Hardness goes from one to ten with one, the softest material, being equivalent to Talc powder and ten, the hardest, being as hard as a diamond. The LG V10 has Gorilla Glass 4 for its screen, so it isn’t scratched until a level 6 pick comes along, with a level 7 leaving a deeper groove in the screen. Keys and coins in pockets won’t bother this screen. The camera’s lens must not be made of the same material because it scratches at a level 5 pick, which is still tough compared to many others like the plastic lens of the Blackberry Priv 3. The back of the phone is covered with a thick high-quality rubber material and is very scratch resistant.The front plastic of the phone at the top and bottom get scratched very easily by a razor blade and keys. A unique feature of this phone is the stainless steel sides, a contrast to the usual aluminum, and it scratches much less.

Next, is the burn test. The IPS LCD display reacts to the flame by turning off and going black where the flame is held, but once the flame is gone the pixels come back on and the heat leaves the phone fairly quickly; the LG V10 is cool enough to touch within seconds. A perfect pass

Finally, the most exciting test: bending! An initial bend shows the phone’s ability to flex, but other than that, not much happens, even after bending it in the opposite direction. I theorize that the stainless steel body, has something to do with this structural integrity. Fun side note: this phone is MIL-STD-810 certified, which means it is also drop resistant. Overall, this phone passes everything.

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